How COIN works

Association COIN operates in close collaboration with a large number of providers of electronic communication services and networks in The Netherlands. COIN is governed by the Management Board, which includes representatives from several members. The COIN-secretariat provides support for operational and procedural affairs. Below we further elaborate on the organisation and governance procedures.

The General Assembly is COIN's most important management body and meets (at least) bi-annually. All members are represented in COIN's General Assembly, and all members are bound by the decisions made in the General Assembly. Decisions are adopted by a unanimous vote.

COIN is managed by the Management Board, which includes representatives from several members. Each member of the Management Board has his/her own duties and responsibilities. These portfolios are managed by two individuals working in tandem: a member with primary responsibility and a backup. This safeguards continuity and ensures the four-eyes principle is maintained. The Management Board currently consists of:


NamePortfolio Term
Jigo van Haperen (KPN)Chair and general affairJune 2019
Fred Herrebout (T-Mobile)Communication and Finance July 2020
Joeri van Andel (VodafoneZiggo)
Legal and HR December 2019
Florian Overkamp (SpeakUp) Information management December 2018
Alexander van 't Zand (Tele2) TBD April 2019

The operational affairs and procedures of COIN are supported by the COIN-secretariat. The COIN-secretariat is managed by an independent director, Stefphen Mans. The association's employees are the first point of contact for our members.

The COIN Working groups consist of representatives of telecom providers, who assess current COIN services & infrastructure and initiate improvements or new services. Currently the following Working groups are active:

  • Fraud convenant
  • Subscriber Information
  • Access services
  • Number Portability for Geographical & Service Numbers
  • Number Portability for Mobile numbers
  • Legal
  • Overstappen (Switching Service)
  • Regional Roaming

The Change Control Board is responsible to assess, process and acclaim changes to COIN standards.