Telecommunications service providers operating on the Dutch market have to align their business with a number of operational and legal requirements, amongst them are offering services for number portability and number masking. It is important to stay on top of developments in the regulatory landscape and how to manage compliance best. COIN assists telecom providers by offering several practical and efficient services which aim to help providers get up to speed on the Dutch market.

Who is COIN?

COIN is an association of telecommunications providers. COIN provides sector-specific standards, which align technical specifications with legal and self-regulating requirements. In addition COIN provides operational and regulatory guidance for telecommunications service providers operating on the Dutch market.
COIN aims to provide reliable services in close collaboration with stakeholders operating on the Dutch market. We also provide services that help your business and the business of other providers and stakeholders to collaborate with each other more efficiently and effectively. For example, we provide the sector-specific standards on number portability and switching, ensuring low-thresholds for end-users in order to seamlessly switch providers. Continue reading