Who are we?

Vereniging COIN is an association of telecommunications providers active on the Dutch market. As an association we provide a joint platform to facilitate common business processes. Also self-regulation agreements are made in addition tot legislation and regulations.

We support end-to-end interoperability of telecommunications services and contribute to a market in which consumers and businesses can switch between telecommunications provider in a customer-friendly and efficient manner.

Do you offer telecommunications services?

As a telecommunications service provider in The Netherlands we recommend you to join COIN. We can help you to comply with a number of obligations from legislation, regulation and self-regulation.

A few examples. We can activate telephone numbers and number ranges assigned by the Dutch regulator, we facilitate the Dutch number porting process, we offer a switching service for internet and bundles and we can help you to connect to Dutch wholesale services. We also support the provisioning of data for subscriber information and emergency services.

All COIN services are easily accessible through an API or a web portal.

And as a member you also have a say in the further development of our services.

Future developments

The telecommunications sector is facing a number of important developments, such as the implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code, roll-out of 5G and high-speed broadband infrastructures, the Internet of Things and Smart Homes. There are also concerns with regards to the continuity, privacy and security of the common telecommunications infrastructure.

Together with our members we look into these developments. How can we, as a sector, contribute to a secure and reliable future digital infrastructure?