Who is COIN?

COIN is an association of providers of electronic communication services- and networks. We assist our members to align their business with several legal and self-regulatory requirements. In addition COIN provides operational and regulatory guidance for telecommunications service providers operating on de Dutch market. COIN aims to provide reliable services in close collaboration with stakeholders operating on the Dutch market. For example, we provide sector-specific standards on number portability and switching, which ensure low-thresholds for end-users in order to seamlessly switch providers. In addition, we provide services that help your business and the business of other providers and stakeholders to collaborate with each other more efficiently and effectively.


Some activities only work – or work a lot more efficiently and effectively – if they are carried out jointly. Therefore, COIN facilitates activities for our members that are:

  • required by law, co-regulated or self-regulatory; or
  • only jointly feasible; or
  • more efficient and effective when carried out jointly; and
  • not competing with the individual commercial activities of our members.