COIN services

COIN provides a joint platform to set-up and facilitate common business processes with respect to legislation, regulation and increasingly self-regulation. We support end-to-end interoperability of telecommunication services and we contribute to an open telecommunications market in which consumers and businesses can switch telecom provider in an efficient and customer-friendly way.

For this purpose we offer the following services:

Access to COIN services

All COIN services are easily accessible through a web portal or an API. The web portal will enable your employees to use the COIN services, while the COIN API will enables you to automate the access to COIN services.

Connecting to the COIN-API

Connecting to our API is easy and can be done through the internet. For our API we use open standards and modern web technology (REST / JSON, HTTPS, HMAC and JWT). For security we use state of the art authorisation and encryption technologies.

We make it easy for developers to connect to our API. Documenation is available in Swagger / OpenAPI, we provide sample code and we have Software Developer Kits for common programming languages. In addition, we organise regular meetups for developers.