If a subscriber wants to switch provider, he has the right to retain it's telephone number. This way, he doesnt have to inform his family, friends and acquaintances about a new number.

How does it work?

Number portability, also known as number retention, is a legal obligation. As a telecom provider, you are obliged, upon customer request, to handover a telephone number to another provider. The new provider has to inform all network operators and the regulator that the number has been imported. All network operators will change the routing for the respective number and the customer will become reachable in the network of the new provider.

You can manage this easily with the Number Portability service of COIN. You will be connected to the shared platform, which enables number porting with all service providers in the Netherlands.

What do you get?

Via the COIN number portability service you get direct access to our user-friendly web portal,

The Number Portability service offers you direct access to our user-friendly web portal, you have all tools within reach (for example for automated processing) and you can easily communicate with all providers in the Netherlands.

More information?

Would you like more information about this service? Please contact us: +31(0)182 690 074.