If telephone subscribers want to switch to another provider, they have the right to retain their telephone number with the new provider. This way, they do not constantly have to inform their families, friends and acquaintances of their new number.

How does it work?

Number portability, also known as number retention, is a legal requirement which requires telecoms providers to allow end-users, upon request, to retain their telephone number when switching to another provider. Additionally, Telecoms providers must notify all suppliers that the telephone number has been ported, in order for the end-user to remain interconnected. With the Number Portability service of COIN, this is easy to manage. You are automatically connected to the shared platform, which enables fast porting with all the providers in the Netherlands. This allows you to arrange your number portings and informs you of portings from other providers.

What do you get?

The Number portability service offers you direct access to our user-friendly web portal, provides you with all the tools you need and allows for easy communication with all providers in the Netherlands.

More information?

Would you like more information about this service? Please contact: Remco Leijendekker via +31(0)182 69 00 74 or info@coin.nl