Identity Management

In the digital world it is very important for service providers to verify the identity of the party or individual involved in a (business) transaction. This to prevent identity fraud. On the other hand end users want to identify themselves on the internet in a easy and secure way. In most cases telecom providers know who is linked to a telephone number, e-mail address and / or internet connection and can help to determine the identity of end users in an easy and secure way.

How does it work?

Together with our members and stakeholder, such as banks and government agencies, we develop Identity Management products for the Dutch market. The product specifications are captured in a COIN-standard, which is available for COIN-members. COIN-members can develop Identity Management services based on these standards. Service providers, such as banks, web shops and government agencies, can use these services to identify end users and secure online transactions.

Example: Mobile Connect

An example of such a service is Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect is an Identity Management service, which allows mobile users to share personal information in an easy and trusted way and to secure online transactions. Mobile Connect allows service providers to easily verify the identity of end users and to secure digital channels. COIN is the standardization body for Mobile Connect for the Dutch market.

Common technical infrastructure

For the development of Identity Management products for the Dutch market common technical components may be required. COIN can develop these technical components. For example, COIN developed a Mobile Connect Discovery Service supporting the Mobile Connect Identity Management service. The Mobile Connect Discovery Service will refer a service providers to the correct Mobile Operator for an authentication request. If necessary COIN can also develop common technical components for other Identity Management services.

More information

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