COIN is an association for telecommunications providers. The association is managed by the COIN management board, which includes representatives of our members. The COIN administrative office is responsible for operations.

Within COIN decisions are made by the General Assembly, the most important governing body of the COIN association. The General Assembly meets at least bi-annually. All members are represented in the General Assembly and all members are bound to the decisions made by the General Assembly. Decisions are made by unanimity of votes.

Management board and administrative office

The COIN association is managed by the COIN management board. The COIN management board currently consists of:





Jigo van Haperen


Chairman, General Affairs

29 June 2026

Frank van Berkel


Finance, HR

31 December 2024

Ronald Stokebrook


Innovation, Vice-Chairman

7 December 2025

Roel van Kessel

EurofiberSelf regulation, PA/RA (a.i.)

31 December 2024

Simone van Ginhoven


Legal, Communication

31 May 2026

The COIN administrative office takes care of the operational affairs within COIN. The COIN administrative office is directed by Stefphen Mans and has its own personnel.

Change process

COIN has a standard process for applying changes to its services. Proposals for change are submitted to the Change Control Board. The Change Control Board will assess a change. After approval by the Change Control Board a change will be effectuated and will be adopted in a COIN standard. All COIN members are represented on the Change Control Board.