Nowadays, telephone numbers are not only used to make phone calls, but also for other matters, such as presence, messaging, video, etc. Therefore, a telephone number must be linked to an IP address.

How does it work?

ENUM is a technology that links the world of telephony with that of the Internet. Through ENUM Data, providers can share the IP access information of their customers with other providers. This allows your customers to call with subscribers connected to networks of other providers with a high sound quality.

COIN helps you use and introduce IP services between networks. To this end, we have recorded ENUM data in our database. Here too, the telephone number remains the unique key to data such as:

  • who is the current provider?
  • which services are offered?
  • where can the service traffic be delivered?

What do you get?

The ENUM-service is available when you are already using the Number Portability service. It gives you access to the information in the Central Reference Database (CRDB).

More information?

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